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Weight Gain and NeurotinI have been taking Neurotin for over 5 years now. The drug...

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Weight Gain and Neurotin

I have been taking Neurotin for over 5 years now. The drug works, but it causing weight gain. I tried Cymbalta, but that did not work. I am also 59 years old and still going through menopause. I realize that this is also a contributing factor in weight gain for women, but I have been on a strict low-fat, low-cholesterol diet for over 5 years as well. I am unablae to exercise as some might due to degenerative disc disease which is now progressive. I need an alternative to Neurotin that works without weight gain. What can you advise?

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I am not a health professional, so my advice would be to consult a doctor or other health professional about this, first and foremost.  I have had a similar experience with weight gain with certain drugs of this nature.  One that usually does not cause weight gain is Wellbutrin.  Another is Effexor XR.  You may want to ask your physician about these and others that minimize weight gain.

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You have a low-cholesterol in which control to it. I have used Vytorin medication to reduce total cholesterol as well as increase HDL (good) cholesterol. This medication is usually prescribed in cases where cholesterol levels could not be lowered by diet and exercise.
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I think that even with degenerative disc disease there are probably ways you can exercise. I suggest seeing a different nutritionist and an expert in exercise for people with medical conditions. It is not easy and you have to be creative, but it can be done.

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