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Watch the following TED video featuring Diane Savino, "The Case For Same Sex Marriage"...

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Watch the following TED video featuring Diane Savino, "The Case For Same Sex Marriage" and tell us your attitude toward gay marriage.


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First, I would say that I do support the idea of gay marriage.  However, I am not sure that I agree with everything that Diane Savino says.  I agree with much of it, but I disagree with other parts.  On the whole, though, I support the idea of gay marriage.

Savino’s basic argument is that opposition to gay marriage is the same thing as supporting unfairness.  She argues that this is really a no-brainer.  She says that it is only fair to treat gay people the same way we treat straight people.  Up to a point, I agree with this.  However, I do not think that it is as clear cut as this.  I see two major points.

First, there are people who truly believe that gay marriage will harm our society.  They are standing up for their view of what society should be just as much as liberals are when they stand up for a redistribution of income to help the poor (which conservatives think treats richer people unfairly).  In both cases, they are taking controversial stands for something that they think is right but others think is unfair.   

Second, and more importantly, I think that it is very hard to explain why gay marriage is morally acceptable but polygamy is not.  If, as Savino says, this is simply an issue of letting people share their lives if they wish to do so, then there is no real reason why three or more people should not be allowed to make this commitment.  If we draw a line saying that straight marriage is okay and gay marriage is not, we are making a decision based on our view of morality.  If we draw a line saying all two-person marriages are okay and all marriages involving more people (even if they are consenting adults) are not, we are also making a decision based on our view of morality.

Thus, while I support gay marriage, I do not agree with all that Savino says.  I think the issue is much more complicated and full of moral dilemmas than she does.

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