video study guidesHey! I just discovered something new at eNotes: video study guides. So far I've looked at only the guides for "Romeo and Juliet" and "Macbeth." Is there a list...

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I found these by accident too.  This is very useful, because it helps you decide which version of a play to show.  It can be difficult and expensive to choose if there are several choices.  This helps me to know that I have chosen the right one.  Sometimes there is more than one video, but that helps me decide which one as well.

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This would be a fantastic tool to use for students who are audio and visual learners. Most of my students are dyslexic and have trouble reading text and getting information from it. I'm so excited to show this to them. Thanks.
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Does anyone have any of their own video study guides that they can share with Enotes new sharing feature? 

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This is a nice change.  I checked out Macbeth's video guide.  This kind of guide can also be helpful  if you're a multi-tasker like me.  I can only read so many pages on the computer screen before going blind, so hearing it while I'm doing something else is a plus!

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How cool is THIS?  Awesome!  I had no clue these existed. :-/  Shame on me LOL!

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Wow!  This is neat...I haven't looked yet.  Is it a guide to the video, or actual video footage?  This could be useful in the classroom...introducing a little cinematography and film criticism in our discussions.  :)

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I was looking at something in the "Romeo and Juliet" study guide and happened to notice a tab for Video Study Guide at the top of the page, so I checked it out. Cool!

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