variety of resourcesThere are a variety of resources and services available to state and local government entities involved in being first responders. Evaluate which you think are most critical and...

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The recent outbreak of fires in New Mexico and Colorado definitely make me glad that the United States has a network with first responders to aid in these situations.  You always hear about the National Guard being called into these situations to provide relief and assistance in any way they can. 


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We seem to be doing all right now in general.  While each agency has its own resources, there is more cooperation now.  There are many parts of the world where terrorist activity is regular, and the United States does have soldiers in Afghanistan, but the United States has also remained relatively untouched lately, other than some little plots.  Then again, who knows what they’re not telling us?  The terrorist activity that is prevented is the terrorist activity we never hear about.

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If you have to argue that one group is more significant than the other, then I would argue for the National Guard. They are under the command of a state's governor, and until 9/11, they were usually available for natural disasters, security, and other humanitarian missions. Additionally, many National Guardsmen and women are employed in civilian jobs which service the community (health professions, firefighters, police officers, teachers, etc.).

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This is a question that will be specific to each area.  For some places, a firefighter that helps to battle the common forest fires will be most important.  In other areas, medical teams that respond to tornadoes, hurricanes, or other natural disasters might be the most important.  In many areas, the police that respond to and help prevent crime would be the most important resource.  It really depends on the area.  While the federal government offers aid to first responders in each state, the state and local agencies must decide how to distribute and supply their responders. 

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Are you asking about money or support personnel or other services? To answer this question you have to be specific. What type of first responders and for what is the money/services/resources being provided?

You can look at support for responses to terror attacks or support for natural disaters. The resources available and how helpful they are are very large in variety.

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