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Using the criteria regarding abnormal behavior defend your answer.Sam is a college...

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Using the criteria regarding abnormal behavior defend your answer.

Sam is a college student who becomes anxious whenever she has to speak in class. As a consequence, her anxiety motivates her to prepare meticulously, rehearsing the material over and over again. Do you think Sam's reaction is a normal one, or does she appear to have an anxiety disorder? What additional information might help you to reach your conclusion?

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We need to be careful about labelling.  Does she have a "disorder?"  It depends on how high her anxiety is and how much she prepares. Both these must be addressed before a diagnosis can be made. Also, how upsetting is this to Sam?  Some people naturally prepare more for assignments than others.  If this is disturbing to Sam, then I would say it is at least a tendency toward anxiety.  How much intervention is needed depends on Sam's discomfort level.  I caution against labelling her as having a "disorder" because that would lead some to reeach for the prescription pad.  Are anti-anxiety meds necessary?  That depends upon what is discovered in further examination.  Perhaps some cognitive behavioral counseling is in order.  That doesn't necessarily require a "disorder" diagnosis.  However, if this is seriously afecting Sam's life, causing anxiety that extends to other parts of her life, leading to depression, or causing her to neglect other aspects of her life to prepare rof such assignments, then I would not hesitate to label her as having an anxiety disorder -- specifically related to public performance,

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