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Which of the following sentences uses the word "rescind" correctly?a.The library...

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Which of the following sentences uses the word "rescind" correctly?

a.The library rescinded the late fees for the lost book.

b.I have rescinded the technique of stained glass making.

c.Hiking through the forest is a rescinded experience.

d.Violinists have to rescind their bows before they play.

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The only possible answer of the options that you have given us here is sentence A.  None of the other sentences makes any sense at all.

The word "rescind" means "to cancel" or "to take back."  Once you have understood this definition for the word, it becomes clear that sentence A is the only option.  In that sentence, the library has cancelled your fines.  None of the other sentences makes sense.  You cannot cancel a technique for making something.  You cannot describe an experience as "cancelled."  You would not cancel your bow before playing a violin.

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