Use the distributive property to write each expression as an algebraic expression: -2(-4+c).

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This is an exercise in using the distributive property, which means we want to multiply what is inside the parenthesis (-4+c) by what is directly outside the parenthesis (-2).

So, -2*-4 = +8 and -2*c = -2c

Put the two together and we have 8-2c or written with the variable term first (by one convention) -2c+8

Please note there are two different mathematical conventions: one is that expressions are written with the terms in order, variables in alphabetical order first, and one that says we try not to lead off with a negative term. Both expressions, 8-2c and -2c+8, are equivalent expressions, each having the same value when given the same value for c.

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Use the distributive property to turn this into an expression. Multiple all parenthetical terms by -2. 

8 - 2c

Remember the sign change rules for multiplying by negative numbers to avoid careless errors. 

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multiply -2 by both numbers in the parentheses

`-2xx-4=8    `

`-2xxc=-2c `

so 8-2c

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First we multiply -2 with -4 and then with +c

-2(-4 + c)

= (-2) * (-4)  + (-2) *(+c)

= 8 + (-2c)

= 8-2c


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