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The use of balance in the novel literally and figurativelyBalance comes up throughout...

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The use of balance in the novel literally and figuratively

Balance comes up throughout the novel and is seen a lot with cash, what are peoples thoughts on how balance regarding cash and the rest of the family.


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For Cash, thinking logistically is his way of dealing with the world. His mind seems to function very much like a measuring tool, like a balance, making calculations which either indicate a lack of emotion, mask existing emotions, or serve to distance him from the mess and inexactitude of emotional life. 

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There is a cruel irony in Cash, the most physically and mentally balanced member of the family, being incapacitated and breaking his leg after a fall. The rest of his family, who do not appreciate or have balance, add to his trauma by encasing his injured leg in concrete. It is likely that with such a bad break and the further complications from the poor treatment, Cash will lose his leg or, at least, his balance.

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