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Understanding obstacles to Critical Thinking1) Relativism or Subjectivism=The so called...

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Understanding obstacles to Critical Thinking

1) Relativism or Subjectivism=The so called truth is always relative to some particular point of view; in other words, what's true for me may not be true for you.

2) Egocentrism=Arises out of the tendency to cherish and defend those beliefs most closely associated with an individual's identity

3)Intimidation by Authority=There’s almost always going to be someone around who knows more about whatever it is than we do.

These are the rest. What are there definitions?

4) Conformism

5) Ethnocentrism

6) Assumptions

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Conformism is the desire to just go along with what everyone else says regardless of what you might say if you actually thought about it.

Ethnocentrism makes you tend to take the side of your own ethnic group rather than objectively thinking about the situation.

Assumptions can make you prejudge the situation. You might not critically consider all possibilities because you have already assumed various things about the situation.

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     Why is critical reading and thinking important?



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Two reasons I can think of.  First is that if you can't think critically you'll believe anything you're told.  (Or reject it without thinking.  Either way, you're liable to make more mistakes than you should.)

Second is that critical thinking is the only way to solve tough problems.  Most jobs worth having require people to have to do this.  Most people's personal lives involve this too.  So it's pretty important to be able to think clearly about stuff so you can have a better chance at solving problems you face.

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      What are three of the obstacles to critical reading and thinking that you think are most common? Why?


Relativism or Subjectivism


Intimidation by Authority




These are all the obstacles to Critical thinking and reading

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What is Intellectual Humility and intellectual Courage

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Also what is Intellectual Independence and Meta-Beliefs

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Our own personal paradigms are quite frequently obstacles to critical thinking. We believe what we believe, and sometimes it is difficult to engage in critical thinking if that thinking is going to challenge our beliefs.

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