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Uncle George: Themes and Symbols in "Indian Camp."Uncle George's character in Indian...

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Uncle George: Themes and Symbols in "Indian Camp."

Uncle George's character in Indian Camp. What themes and symbols exist in the story?

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Uncle George is a symbolizes the prejudice of American society against Indian culture. When the pregnant Indian woman bites him, George calls her a “damn squaw.” Her “assault” on him is an instinctive and primitive
reaction to pain; his response is a culturally-conditioned display of racial bias. "Indian Camp" was the first of the "Nick Adams" stories Ernest Hemingway published. It is basically the beginning of a coming-of-age story for Nick who sees life, from birth to death, in one day. The story also includes a contrast between so-called "civilized" society and an Indian culture that includes an empathy for others that Nick cannot understand.

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