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Which of the following is true of the U.S. Cold War policy of containment?  It...a....

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Which of the following is true of the U.S. Cold War policy of containment?  It...

a. meant that the U.S. would not allow communism to grow any further. b. meant that the Soviets were to be kept out of China. c. was the cheapest way to fight communism. d. meant all of the above

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The answer to this depends on what time period we are talking about and upon what your particular textbook says.

A is clearly correct.  This is the fundamental meaning of containment.  Containment was the policy of trying to prevent communism from expanding past where it already existed.

B is correct at some points and in some ways.  Before 1949, the US wanted to keep China from becoming communist.  Because the US believed that the USSR was in control of all communist movements, this could be seen as a desire to keep the USSR out of China.  After 1949, China was communist and so containment no longer entailed keeping the Soviets out of China.

C is true in many ways since the only real choice other than containment would have been war to try to destroy communism where it already existed. 

Therefore, the best answer is D, though D would not be true after 1949.  If we are talking about the period after 1949, A is the best answer.

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