Trace the decline of Chlomo's (elie's father) health in the book Night through the motif of his eyes.I guess I'm supposed to put it on a time line or something. anything will help because...

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When Chlomo thought he had been "selected" by Dr. Mengele, he was weak and underfed, as were all the prisoners at Buma, but his condition was not radically different from the others. As he tried to give Elie his knife and spoon, Chlomo's eyes were "tired...veiled by despair."

During the march away from Buma, Chlomo's condition deteriorated rapidly due to the extreme cold and the prolonged exertion. As Chlomo urged Elie to stay awake, Elie observed that "his eyes were glazed over" with fatigue and cold.

Packed aboard the train, Elie couldn't tell if Chlomo was still alive or not. Beating his father as he refused to allow the "gravediggers" to remove Chlomo from the train, Elie finally drew a limited response. "At last, my father half opened his eyes. They were glassy." But it was enough - Chlomo was allowed to continue on the train with the living.

At Buchenwald, Chlomo could hang on to life no longer. "His eyes were watery...his gaze was distant, other-worldly." After Elie fails to convince the doctor to help Chlomo, Elie observes, "His eyes were closed. But I was convinced that he was seeing everything. That he was seeing the truth in all things."

A week later, during the night and unnoticed by Elie, Chlomo was taken from the prison block.


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