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in William Saroyan

  • Philosophy
    Thank you for asking. This gives me the opportunity to share this most profound of insights, from William Saroyan’s play of the same name: “In the time of your life, live.” This bit of...

    Asked by sesh on via web

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  • William Saroyan
    Saroyan did not consider himself a humanist. In fact, he said it was not clear what a humanist was, and found the word “absurd” because the definition made no sense. Dictionary.com defines a...

    Asked by ghadak76 on via web

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  • William Saroyan
    Uncle melik's dream was to present his power of identifying his lover's birthdays, stars, and numbers.... was he able to materialize it? depends upon if the flying unicorn has fliped her inner...

    Asked by shaify on via web