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  • A Summer's Reading
    Mr. Cattanzara was a stout, baldheaded man who worked at the train station. He was a devout reader of the newspaper which he read every night. Mr. Cattanzara was a disciplined man even when drunk...

    Asked by sahar123456 on via iOS

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  • A Summer's Reading
    the story takes place in New York city . it is a poor immigrant neighborhood , where the sidewalks are broken and there are no trees lining the streets , in the hot summer evening, the storekeepers...

    Asked by sh94 on via web

  • A Summer's Reading
    it probably means that because in the smmer you would probably have time to read if you were bored, and in the winter, you wouldn't probably have time 'cause you would probably spending most of...

    Asked by aidaassle on via web

  • A Summer's Reading

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