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in Square Roots and Real Numbers

  • Square Roots and Real Numbers
    Given problem is `sqrt(i)+sqrt(-i)=sqrt(2)` LHS=`((sqrt(i)+sqrt(-i))^2)^(1/2)` because `x=(x^m)^(1/m) ` for all `m !=0` Thus LHS=`(i-i+2sqrt(-i^2))^(1/2)` ,because `(a+b)^2=a^2+b^2+2ab`...

    Asked by rajjamma on via web

  • Square Roots and Real Numbers
    To calculate the square root of a decimal number.The following steps are 1. Separate the number into two groups from the decimal point (the integer part and the decimal part). 2. If the radicand...

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