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in Race and Ethnicity

  • Social Sciences
    I assume that this question is meant to have you be able to distinguish between race and ethnicity. These are words that are often used interchangeably by the general public, but which mean very...

    Asked by nj7599 on via web

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  • Social Sciences
    Race is most definitely a socially constructed thing. There is, biologically speaking, no such thing as race. As the links below show, the idea of race has no real meaning in genetic terms....

    Asked by danahklein on via web

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  • Social Sciences
    The changes in race and ethnic relations in the shorter term will be much less dramatic than the changes in the longer term will be. This is to be expected with any sort of social change....

    Asked by accge on via web

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  • Race and Ethnicity
    The historical perspective on racial diversity begins with Homo sapiens when they emerged out of Africa, though there is some debate on this theory resulting from recent discoveries of extensive...

    Asked by spider3253 on via web

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