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in The Picaresque Novel

  • The Picaresque Novel
    La novela picaresca, as it is originally deemed in its native Spain, is a literary genre which gained extensive notoriety (and popularity as well) during the XVI century and extended throughout...

    Asked by arjun on via web

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  • The Picaresque Novel
    The picaresque is a genre of novel that evolved in Renaissance Spain. It is named after the protagonist, a "picaro", or likeable rogue. Rather than having a closed plot, it is structured...

    Asked by shewa55 on via web

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  • The Picaresque Novel
    Several of Dickens' novels are picaresque in nature. Great Expectations and David Copperfield feature characters of low social standing trying to make their way in a corrupt society. While neither...

    Asked by forby on via web

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