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  • Moon Over Manifest
    Lester Burton - Pit boss of the mine; He made Ned work extra shifts. Arthur Devlin - Mine owner; He blackmailed all of his workers. Ku Klux Klan - Pretty self-explanatory; It's the KKK

    Asked by ctaylor306 on via web

  • Moon Over Manifest
    Abilene's main conflict is her feeling of abandonment by her father. She doesn't understand why her injury made her father send her to Manifest. As she listens to Miss Sadie's stories about the...

    Asked by dcvhome on via web

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  • Moon Over Manifest
    A girl named Abilene goes to Manifest, Kansas. She goes there to find out how he left his mark on the place. On the way, she finds out about the Rattler (the spy.) She goes on a spy hunt with...

    Asked by jhcupajoe on via web

  • Moon Over Manifest
    Unfortunately, I feel that the publishing world today is driven more by factors that are not relevant to whether a given book is good or not. Factors such as world events, seasons and even what...

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