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in Mein Kampf

  • Mein Kampf
    As you probably know, Mein Kampf is the autobiography of Adolf Hitler and his statement of his political ideas and goals. In this book, Hitler talks a lot about his hatred for the Jews. The words...

    Asked by brookers2010 on via web

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  • Mein Kampf
    The Germans were devastated after their defeat in World War I, so when a fierce patriot like Hitler came upon the scene and promised the German people world dominance because they were “The...

    Asked by a-chan on via web

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  • Mein Kampf
    As the previous thoughts echoed, Hitler would be the answer to fit in the blank. Writing it while in prison, the book focused on how Hitler viewed the world as a struggle to prevent those who he...

    Asked by dana0 on via web

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