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in Marriage a la Mode

  • Marriage a la Mode
    To me, this part of the story is really quite sad. It feels like it had potential to end well, but it really has not ended that way at all. When Isabel gets the letter, she and her friends act...

    Asked by gazy on via web

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  • Marriage a la Mode
    Isabel is a shallow, tough, and trivial woman. She doesn't have any emotions or sentimentality about her husband. Her friends are very bad friends who change all her ideas about her lifestyle, her...

    Asked by hoho on via web

  • Marriage a la Mode
    The point of view is mainly that of Isabel's husband, William, excerpt for the last part of the story, whcih was from Isabel's point of view.The themes are maarriage, change, and friendship.Isabel...

    Asked by fttot on via web

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