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in Of Love and Shadows

  • Of Love and Shadows
    iren's fiancee is the guy who lived infront of this other guy that lives besides a store owned by an arab who got married to a hot mexican girl that came illegal to the united states and she has a...

    Asked by shrtbred17 on via web

  • Of Love and Shadows
    The book does not state exactly where the story develops. We know it's a Latin American locality, and most probably, South America. Given the dictatorship that is in power, the consolidating...

    Asked by babypaige621 on via web

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  • Of Love and Shadows
    Francisco and Irene were working on a story about a faith healer in unnamed Latin American community. They accidently discovered the secret burial ground of the police assassins, Irene is shot and...

    Asked by jakoya on via web

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