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in Half-Hanged Mary

  • Half-Hanged Mary
    The speaker, Mary, in “Half Hanged Mary,” is questioning God in the 10PM stanza of the poem. She talks to him sarcastically when she mentions that she has some time to kill from her daily...

    Asked by user4392402 on via web

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  • Half-Hanged Mary
    The tone of this poem is certainly one of bitterness. She is bitter because they chose to label her a witch for no reason other than she lived a solitary, shabby life. She was bitter that God...

    Asked by rosecameron on via web

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  • Half-Hanged Mary
    The poem "Half Hanged Mary" deals with the botched execution of Mary Webster of the 17th century who was accused of being a witch. The lines "The rope was an improvisation/With time...

    Asked by swateesarkar on via web