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in Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing

  • Rwandan Genocide
    I think that an overall description of the international community to the Rwandan Genocide can be considered one of inaction. The international community seemed to feel that what was happening in...

    Asked by danielb77 on via web

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  • Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing
    One argument is that intervention by the United States and its allies has been successful in stopping acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide in the past. NATO intervention in the form of a bombing...

    Asked by tuti2313 on via web

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  • Colonialism
    The fact that Paul does not turn away from his fellow human beings when so many would have done so represents a very compelling example of courageous behavior. At the critical moment when Paul...

    Asked by willssidekick on via web

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  • Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing
    The denial that has been present by the Chinese government that reflects a failure to embrace their role in the Chinese genocide has been representative of one of the eight stages of genocide. The...

    Asked by monakandhola on via web

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