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  • The Firm
    Memphis Tennessee is where the majority of the story takes place, it is where teh Bendini Building (the law office) is located, on Front St. It also has parts that take place in Chicago,...

    Asked by nana1995 on via web

  • The Firm
    Grisham's work speaks to the notion of the American Dream in a context that reveals its dark side. There is the materialism present in the firm's enlistment and retaining of lawyers that fulfills...

    Asked by dogwoofmeaw on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Firm
    This was a great book. I loved it. In it, Mitch showed how deception is everywhere because,obvioulsy, the firm deceived him, but also, there's more deception during the novel. Mitch deceived and...

    Asked by bobsanders on via web

  • The Firm
    The novel takes place in a number of locations across the United States and the Caribbean, but the setting that involves most of the plot and is important to the overall theme is that of Memphis,...

    Asked by waed on via web

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