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in Executive Branch

  • History
    The answer to this will depend to a great extent on your particular political point of view. Our view of who is doing a good job as president is definitely colored by our views of their politics....

    Asked by kisstopher603 on via web

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  • Executive Branch
    The executive branch of the United States government is a massive organization. The vast majority of all government workers are part of the executive branch. The executive branch as a whole is...

    Asked by lalalalaaalaalalalalala123456789 on via web

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  • Legislative Powers
    When drafting the Constitution of the United States, the authors were heavily influenced by their own experiences living under tyranny and by the examples of representative government, such as they...

    Asked by user9739456 on via web

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  • Social Sciences
    The presidency of the United States was not meant to be a very powerful position. The people who wrote the Constitution were rather worried about autocratic rule. For this reason, they made a...

    Asked by katekyo on via web

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  • Social Sciences
    There are at least two ways to look at this question. First, we can look at the technical steps one must take to become president. A person must declare their candidacy for the presidency. Then...

    Asked by cllawrence on via web

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  • History
    The president is the most powerful public official in the U.S. The U.S. Constitution is the basis of the president's power. The President's main job is to execute the laws passed by Congress....

    Asked by amanda789 on via web

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