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in Esperanza Rising

  • Esperanza Rising

    Asked by babyvsayshi on via web

  • Esperanza Rising
    On pg. 11, the book compares Esperanza with her mother. "There was the same black hair, wavy and thick. Some dark lashes and fair, creamy skin. But it wasn't precisely Mama's face, because...

    Asked by littlecaryl on via web

  • Esperanza Rising
    Papa and Esperanza lie flat on the ground at the very beginning of the book. Papa is showing Esperanza how to feel the earth's heartbeat. (pgs 1-3)

    Asked by pattywak247 on via web

  • Esperanza Rising
    If Esperanza's mother had married Tio Luis her life wuld have still been lavish but he may have been very controlling being that he would have tried to take over all they had left. An her life...

    Asked by pooda on via web