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  • Ellen Gilchrist
    Clearly the story takes the position that the effects of adoption, on parent as well as child, are deleterious. Barrett has been destructively affected, and we learn, in paragraph 27, that Amanda...

    Asked by gebnartin on via web

  • Ellen Gilchrist
    Christmas is considered a special family day even though there is nothing particularly religious about this Christmas day in the Clare household except for the beginning references to the hymn...

    Asked by giwonkim on via web

  • Ellen Gilchrist
    The story’s narrative voice, short as the story is, is close and sympathetic to Barrett. Barrett is religiously observant and writes poetry. She is greatly distressed with her life, at least...

    Asked by leebill92 on via web

  • Ellen Gilchrist
    I am assuming this is about her story "The Song of Songs," since this is quite popular and others have asked many questions about it also. "The Song of Songs" is a story with shifting points of...

    Asked by kimjisun on via web

  • Ellen Gilchrist
    The plot of "The Song of Songs" (another title of the biblical "Song of Solomon") is the conflict between urges for life or death within the major character, Barrett Clare. The story takes place...

    Asked by testmike57 on via web

  • Ellen Gilchrist
    "The Song of Songs" concerns the psychological aftereffects of adoption. If you know of anyone that has been adopted, you may wish to think about whether the story supports arguments for telling or...

    Asked by ldever52 on via web