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in Ecosystem

  • Ecology
    The most important thing to note in differentiating ecosystem from biome is that an ecosystem or many ecosystems are part of larger biomes. This means that biomes are the larger categories of...

    Asked by ironstrike on via web

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  • Biosphere
    There is an engineering term known as "system of systems." This refers to the way in which individual components and networks, when combined under one roof, become a new, more holistic system in...

    Asked by sagouine on via web

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  • Ecosystem
    The "flow of energy" refers to how solar energy and inorganic nutrient energy are converted at the autotroph/producer level of the trophic sphere into food and energy for consumers. What this...

    Asked by lro1979 on via web

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  • Ecosystem
    Most of water's oxygen comes from the atmosphere, which is in a constant state of transfusion with the water's surface; the exchange of molecules between water and the atmosphere always strives...

    Asked by islnds on via web

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  • Ecosystem
    Ecologists define a "wildfire" as one which occurs naturally. Generally these fires are stared by lightning. Wildfires are essential to some ecosystems; stopping these would result in ecosystem...

    Asked by marwa1387 on via web

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  • Ecosystem
    The Boreal Shield Ecozone is an geographical area in Canada, and the most important due to its size and diversity of land, wildlife, and vegetation. Acid Rain is the production of sulfuric, nitric,...

    Asked by channing97 on via web

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