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in Dogsong

  • Dogsong
    Much of Dogsong is rooted in Russel's narrative. Accordingly, the subplots feed into this larger narrative. One of these subplots has to do with cultural displacement. Russel is a throwback of...

    Asked by garjops on via web

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  • Dogsong
    Oogruk's final decision is choosing the way he will die. Russel, the young Eskimo who lives with Oogruk, prepares to go on a hunting trip, and surprisingly, Oogruk decides to go with him. As they...

    Asked by ds98 on via web

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  • Dogsong
    In the book "Dogsong" by Gary Paulsen, Russell has to find a way to kill some food and bring it back to the woman girl in the tent. He knew if he did not get some and wore the dogs out too much...

    Asked by mason1234149 on via web