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in Dicey's Song

  • Dicey's Song
    I have not read the book in awhile but I remember that Dicey was concerned that she would end up separated from her siblings. She has been trying hard as the oldest child to keep them together and...

    Asked by haterz on via web

  • Dicey's Song
    When Sammy first starts school in Crisfield, he is, as Gram says, "an angel." His behavior is impeccable; he never gets in any kind of trouble. Although this would seem like a good thing, Dicey...

    Asked by norissa2013 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Dicey's Song
    The people of Crisfield say Gram is crazy - she lives like a hermit; she is the lady who hurled her phone through the phone company window when her son was killed in Vietnam. Yet Dicey understands...

    Asked by tina2007 on via web

    1 educator answer.