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  • Barbara Kingsolver
    Perhaps Barbara Kingsolver is best known for several aspects of her writing. While she portrays her characters with humor, as well as her plots, and though there is a certain sense of the unusual...

    Asked by caleber96 on via web

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  • Barbara Kingsolver
    This is a rather broad and open question, and your answer will depend a lot on your own opinion of Kingsolver's works. However, I think personally that Kingsolver is a very effective and...

    Asked by jessica-19 on via web

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  • Barbara Kingsolver
    One~ a daughter :)

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  • Barbara Kingsolver
    Taylor, although seemingly confident and strong, has her own internal struggles and the characters in the novel help her overcome these issues. For example, Maggie at 1-800-LORD.USED.TIRES, helps...

    Asked by juliansk810 on via web