Tom, Mr.Sloane, and a young lady visit Gatsby and the lady invites Gatsby to come to dinner with them.What does Gatsby's response tell us about his social sensitivity? What connection, if any, do...

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In our society we have people who suffer from mental or physical disabilities. This scene demonstrates another disability at work, social disability. Gatsby is  not a good reader of people or their intentions. He doesn't get the hint... several hints, and it shows.

I think Gatsby is indeed paralyzed by his love for Gatsby and a chance to see her would indeed be great, but he may also want to be socially accepted. That would be an additional feature to have in order to demonstrate worthiness to Daisy. Here, he is awkward in and among a group of people. His parties aren't awkward... but perhaps that's because he doesn't engage with the people.

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I think that this scene is meant in part to show that Gatsby is not very socially sensitive.  Tom points out, once Gatsby is not in the scene, that the invitation was not really sincere.  However, Gatsby does not seem to realize this.

However, I think the scene has more to do with Gatsby's obsession with Daisy.  Gatsby has been hoping, of course, to find a way to casually meet up with Daisy again.  He has been hoping to show her that he has become rich and worthy of her.  Therefore, he will do anything (even if it is expensive or socially awkward) to try to meet her again.

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*gatsby is paralyzed by his love for Daisy


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