in this story how is Zaroff civilized and how is he not?

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In "The Most Dangerous Game" Zaroff is civilized in the house he lives in, that he dresses formally for dinner, and generally follows all the social conventions of what is polite and correct in conducting oneself with regards to manners and decorum.

Zaroff is decided uncivilized in his treatment of his fellow human beings in that he hunts them down and kills them for sport.  Zaroff has justified his hunting and feels no remorse for his actions.

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Zaroff presents somewhat of an oxymoron. While being an extremely “civilized” higher class man in the sense that he is familiar with aspects of high culture, he gives a different meaning to the word civilized not the one most cultures see it as today.

“I have electricity; we try to be civilized here.”

In most cases civilized relates to social order by treating others well and following laws. The General sees the term civilization as keeping up with time and its technology. He believes that men are no more important than animals, if they are able to be hunted than they will be hunted.

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