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In this passage what does it develop? ex. character, themePassage: What if it tempt you...

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In this passage what does it develop? ex. character, theme

Passage: What if it tempt you toward the flood, my lord,Or to the dreadful summit of the cliffThat beetles o'er his base into the sea,And there assume some other horrible form,Which might deprive your sovereignty of reasonAnd draw you into madness?

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Horatio has been convinced that the ghost of Hamlet's father desires to speak with his son. After he "introduces" Hamlet to the vision he has seen, Horatio becomes afraid that Hamlet is acting too rashly in wanting to go with the ghost alone.  Hamlet, depressed and angry, has been considering suicide, so he is not heeding or even feeling his own fears.

Here, Horation shows his true friendship toward Hamlet in trying to protect his friends.  He offers Hamlet the many valid reasons mentioned in the quoted passage.  However, he has no ultimate control over Hamlet and must wait anxiously for him to return.

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