Think of an object or person that best describes freedom for you (on a Philosophical-Anthropological Perspective) then make a haiku.Think of an object or person that best describes freedom for you...

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Objects that represent freedom, to me: automobiles, television (that may seem odd, but there is a good bit of choice in television), and the internet. 

People that represent freedom, to me: Bob Marley and John Lennon (freedom of spirit); John Stuart Mill and Friedrich Nietzsche (personal intellectual liberty vs social "wisdom"); Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln (political freedom and advocates/defenders of progressive democratic principles).


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Why don't you try brainstorming.  There are a couple of things you could do.  You can create a web by listing words that you think of when you consider freedom.  Another option is to do a freewrite.  Set a timer for ten minutes and begin writing freely about the topic of freedom, without stopping.  You will be able to take words and phrases from either that you can use in your haiku.

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I don't think that you will or should find someone to write the haiku for you.  The basis of this assignment is so very personal that I think you have to end up composing it yourself.  In the end, the definition of freedom is so intensely manifold and something that defies the very essence of consciousness that this assignment is something that must be done on your own.  With this in mind, I think that you could get some help from others in finding an object that represents freedom.  In this, you have to end up defining what freedom means for you.  What do you see freedom as?  How do you end up defining it?  Of what are essential parts to freedom?  When these are answered, you could fins objects that could represent such pursuits and in this, I believe you might be able to have the basis to form the haiku.  The poem would link the object to its expression of freedom.  For example, if you felt that a piano represents freedom because so many different songs or tunes can be derived from it, then I think that your haiku is centered on connecting freedom and the piano.  If you think a mirror represents freedom because its sole reflection when the individual looks into it is the individual, locating freedom within them, then I think that you might be able to link clearly freedom and the object of the mirror in your haiku.

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