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Please help with a thesis statement for my chosen topic: paparazzi and celebrity...

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Please help with a thesis statement for my chosen topic: paparazzi and celebrity privacy.

This is a term paper topic I chose, and I think that paparazzi should respect celebrities' privacy and stop intruding. This is the side I'm taking, but I need help coming up with a thesis. Please help; thanks.

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If this is your chosen topic, you need to think about the REASONS why you believe that the privacy of celebrities is more important than the pictures they take which end up in the news everywhere. Do you believe that the pictures are a danger to the person or their families?  Do you think the photographers get too close in this age of guns and kidnapping?  Do you believe too many attempts to capture a specific photograph leads to deaths like Princess Diana?  Do you think the vacation of Prince William and his wife was violated with the long distance pictures of her?  When you can decide on three reasons for your beliefs and have ideas to use to prove your three reasons, you will be able to write your thesis statement.  For example, your thesis statement could be:  The paparazzi must be regulated in their taking of celebrity photographs because the photos are a danger to the celebrities and their families, because the photographs violate any sense of common privacy, and because the public has no right to know every single detail of a person's life just because they are a celebrity.  If you use such a thesis statement, you must have evidence to prove your assertions.  


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