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Thesis statement?We get to choose our own thesis statement, anything we want to write...

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Thesis statement?

We get to choose our own thesis statement, anything we want to write about for Lord of The Flies.  A lot of the kids in my class are doing essays about how each character represents a flaw of human nature or something along those lines, but I would rather write about something a little more...debateable? My thoughts were :

 *Civilization is a necessity of the weak

 *Lord of the Flies is an anti-Christian novel

 *Innocence does not exist

 So, thoughts, comments, help, please?

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It is always great to get a unique perspective on a novel. However, it is important that you can support your thesis with enough textual support. I think you could probably try the civilization is a necessity for the weak. As the author once commented on this novel, "the moral is that the shape of a society must depend on the ethical nature of the individual and not on any political system." You could work on shaping your argument around flaws in the boys attempts to civilize-and the unraveling that ensues.

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Have you checked out the page "Suggested Essay Topics" here at eNotes?   There are suggestions for each of the twelve chapters.  (Link below.)  A few of the ones I find intriguing (and off the well-beaten path:

 --Trace Roger’s evolution from “dark boy” to sadist.

--The scene in which the boys beat Robert is a crucial development in the story. Examine this situation. What do the boys’ actions say about their descent toward savagery?

--Throughout the story, trace the symbolic role of fire. Begin with the raging fire that kills the small boy, consider the changing role of fire between Jack’s tribe and Ralph’s, and finish with the fire that destroys the island and brings rescue. 




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I would counsel that all of your proposed statements, in their present form, are too broad, too general to support in the length of an essay you are probably going to write. By restricting your thesis to certain aspects of any of these topics, it will be more focused and therefore easier to support. Also, a thesis should, ideally, suggest the organization of the essay that will follow. So, rather that argue "innocence does not exist," try something like "In Lord of the Flies, the struggle between Ralph and Jack to rule the island suggests the corrupting nature of authority (or whatever you think is the idea here).  Try to use a strong verb in your thesis.

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