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if there were to be any 10 quotes that are all rounded and are able to answer multiple...

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if there were to be any 10 quotes that are all rounded and are able to answer multiple questions what would they be

i cant find any quotes that can relate to symbolism and themes and characters as moby dick is a difficult book to study for high school and where it is easy to break down quotes i just cant remember them all. is there any possible quotes that can count for multiple understandings

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Ch. 42: 

The whiteness of the whale is symbolic.    "It was the whiteness of the whale that above all things appalled me." (ghostliness)

"The Albino is as well made as other men...and yet this mere aspect of all-pervading whiteness makes him more stangely hideous..."


"...whiteness ...calls up a peculiar apparition to the soul."

"Is it that by its indefiniteness it shadows forth heartless voids and immensities of the univers, and thus stabs us from behing with the thought of annihiliation, when beholding the white depth of the milky way?"

Dark Romantic theme--the evil in Nature: 

Ch. 119: ..." Skies the most effulgent but basket the deadliest thunders:  gorgeous Cuba knows hurricanes that never swept tame northern lands." 

Ch. 42:  "Though in many of its aspects this visible world seems formed in love, the invisible spheres were formed in fright." 



To Ahab especially Moby Dick is a metaphysical being to try to understand as well as an elusive whale:

Ch. 70:  "Speak, thou vast and venerable head..and tell us the secret thing that is in thee."

'O Nature, and O soul of man!...Not the smallest atom stirs or lives on matter, but has its cunning duplicate in mind."

"All things are but a pasteboard mask...it is what is behind..."

Ch. 41 Ishmael speaks of the crew's "infernal fatality to help  Ahab to his monomaniac revenge."



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