Is there relevance or connection to our world; would any of the horrors Orwell predicted come true? its a reaction to the novel it can be about any issue, privacy, freedom, government control, or...

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When 1984 (the year) came around, many were struck by Orwell's prescience about official euphemisms being taken for granted (one of his most penetrating was "Department of Defense", which is still more a department of offense.  Today, such terms as "Planned Parenthood",   "Right to Life,"Choice", etc. all hide the essence of these views.  Another example of this obfuscation is found in the agencies such as National Rifle Association" and government agencies such as "Food and Drug Administration", etc.  Language, according to Orwell, would become a tool for obscuring moreso than communicating (not only in his fictive work, but also in his protracted essays such as  "Down and Out in London and Paris".

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