Are there many types of English or just one English?

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I do not agree with Post #2.  You will have a very hard time finding English speakers in different parts of the same country (or even the world) who really can't understand each other.  There are issues of understanding accents, but that is not the same as having another language.

Sure, I might get confused every now and then if I were speaking to a Briton, but it would not be very often -- we would be able to communicate fine so long as accents did not get in the way.

So I would say there is only one English with a lot of little variations that are not different enough to be called dialects.

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There are many types of English, in the form of English dialects.  First of all, there is American English and British English.  In addition, even in each of these there are cultural differences in different countries or regions.  In some ways, you can speak to and understand others who speak a different English than you, but you will not understand anything.  In China, for example, it is difficult for speakers of one dialect to understand speakers of another dialect.

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