Are there any ideas as to how I would express the personality and characteristics of Antigone in a mask? 



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You could use color theory and symbolism when expressing the characteristics of Antigone in a mask.  Some possible things to include could be:

Heart: to symbolize her love for her family;

The color red:  to symbolize Antigone's courage;

Rosebud:  to symbolize Antigone's youth femininity;

Tear drops:  to represent her grief over how her family has been ripped apart by tragedy;

The color blue:  also to represent a state of mourning. 

Black:  to represent the theme of death in the play and also to foreshadow Antigone's own death. 


I included a link below about color symbolism.

Purple: to symbolize royalty.  Antigone's father was King Oedipus.


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