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My text mentions the high morale of nurses and their contributions to providing the...

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My text mentions the high morale of nurses and their contributions to providing the finest combat medical care in history. Why did the morale of those who supported the welfare of other personnel thrive in such a situation?

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There are two main reasons why nurses and other such personnel might have had high morale during the Vietnam War.  One has to do with the nature of the work they were doing and the other has to do with the quality of that work.

One thing that typically can improve morale is the sense that the work that a unit is doing is important.  The morale of the people actually fighting the war tends to be higher when the war is seen as important to the nation.  With the nurses, the work that they were doing was clearly important.  It is not hard to feel that your work is important when your work consists of trying to save people’s lives.

Another thing that affects morale is how well the work is going.  Armies tend to have higher morale when their side is winning the war.  In the case of these nurses, morale would have been high because they were winning their aspect of the war.  They were having more success than ever before in saving the lives of soldiers hurt in the fighting.

Thus, the nurses are likely to have had good morale because they were doing an important job and were doing it successfully.


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