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terrorisim:plzzz helphello, I founf this disscusion page about terrorisim and how it...

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terrorisim:plzzz help

hello, I founf this disscusion page about terrorisim and how it should be stopped.
I need your help, I am working on a project (no for terrorisim and I have group page on face book that discuss terrorisim and how some people specially arabs and muslims are precieved as terrorists and is there a soluion for it. I would really like ppl to join and comment and spread the word we really need the activate this account so for people who are intrested to debate disscuss and fight join the face book group Terrorisim: for or against

and there is also a survey its only one question and one comment plzzzzzzz do it i really need help with this and you express your opinion in any way you want (even if your with terrorisim) . 



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I like the idea of bringing up the topic of terrorism.  I have to wonder about the parameters of the discussion.  If there is a concerted effort to understand the causes and conditions that enable terrorism, I think this is a very worthwhile discussion to have.  At the same time, if it is a venting session for people to echoing the sentiments of "Get the terrorists," I wonder how effective this would be in the light of discussion.  The reality is that terrorism is an emotional topic, but still one that has to be understood and addressed if we wish to eliminate it.  The topic of understanding and examining the causes of terrorism is quite a worthwhile one and I hope that your discussion solicits insight and valuable commentary that can enhance the dimensions of your project.

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I really do not think that there is a way to stop terrorism entirely. There are too many groups that thrive on their acts of terrorism and too many people that make a lot of money because of terrorism. I would like to think that there is a way to reduce terrorism, but I don't think it can be eliminated.

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I'm not sure how long your thread will stay open because I don't think you're supposed to promote your own agendas on here, but for what it's worth, I think clear, honest, and open dialogue is the first place to start in understanding terrorism and diminishing its stronghold. However, I don't think it can be obliterated because there will always be those who think their personal ideas and beliefs carry more weight than those of a majority.

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