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A team of knowledge workers can produce superior solutions. As a leader, what can you...

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A team of knowledge workers can produce superior solutions. As a leader, what can you do to create a high-functioning team? Consider the facilitators and barriers that exist in your workplace as you contemplate your answer.

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It is definitely true that a team of knowledge workers can produce superior solutions. When highly knowledgeable people collaborate to form solutions to problems, they discuss and evaluate ideas to form real solutions.

Most workplaces have leaders, and in fact, most teams have leaders. Without a leader, the group has very little direction, and will end up going no where. A leader has the burden of responsibility where they must establish and maintain a high performing team. Leaders can do this in a number of ways.

  • Firstly, leaders must act as role models and inspire the team to be successful. How can the team operate successfully if they do not respect their leader?
  • Secondly, the leaders must be reasonable with their expectations. If a team member does 99 things right, and then 1 little thing wrong, it is unreasonable to punish them severely in front of their fellow workers, for example.
  • Finally, a leader must have infectable energy that motivates and engages the members of the team. This will assure 100% is given by the team.

I'd also like to add it is important for the leader to choose the right team. A team with the correct qualifications is necessary, for example. Why would one hire a holder of a horticultural degree for a team trying develop advertisement for a breath freshener? The right team is by far the most important consideration.


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