Globalization can be considered to be doing more harm than good? Which Globalization can be considered to be doing more harm than good? Please discussed in context of peer reviewed, with live...

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To argue that globalization does more harm than good, you might focus on the impacts of globalization on the poorest countries in the world.  You can argue that such countries only end up getting exploited when big multinational corporations come in and use their resources.  The companies simply exploit resources without helping the countries to develop their economies.

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In some ways, globalization has been very helpful.  Businesses have a chance to reach larger markets than before.  Enotes is a good example.  This web site is international.  We can talk to people all over the world, at any time.

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I am pleased to read your respond towards my post. However I would request for the more specific answer, just saying that poorest countires in the world have been harmed by globalization and not able to grow,to help their own country economy. certianly I would agree though to support your comment I would grateful to have few practical example.thats the reason I have posted the specific question... Thanks and reagards.

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