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Is tap water ironic or molecular?

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Is tap water ironic or molecular?

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An ionic molecule is one in which the number of electrons are not equal to the number of protons, causing it to have a net positive or negative charge. A molecule is two or more atoms combined chemically. A molecule of water contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom which are connected by covalent bonds. Normally, water is a molecular. However, at high temperatures and pressures, it can exist as ionic water, whereby the molecules break into ions of hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore, it can be ionic as well. It can exist in all three states--solid, liquid and gas and is a universal solvent. It is an excellent solvent due to its positively charged hydrogen atoms and negatively charged oxygen atoms, making it have a large dielectric constant.

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Tap water is very impure... But that doesn't matter, because water is molecular no matter what...as we are talking about the H2O molecule. Tap water does have ions attached to it... Which is why we deionize it before using it in labs, but water is molecular, nonetheless.

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Water is molecular because it is made up of 2 different element oxygen and hydrogen

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