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Talk about the way the respiratory and circulatory systems work together to maintain...

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Talk about the way the respiratory and circulatory systems work together to maintain health:


- The need for a transport system in the human body and what it transports?

- What is the equation for aerobic respiration?

- The factors that affect the Heart and Breathing rate and why this happens?



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Divided the process of breathing into four main phases:
1 - glycolysis (Alglykoli):
Occur in all living organisms, including organisms that are anaerobic respiration.
Are all in their interactions Alcetosol, the presence of enzymes necessary.
Q: Follow the steps in the cell decomposition Alglykoli?

This stage begins to enter the glucose molecule to the cell where it passes expire reactions to produce two molecules of pyruvic acid.
Results from this phase two molecules of ATP, and two molecules of NAD + to Ochtzla 2NADH.

2 acid Berovic
2 NADH gives 6 ATP
Thus, the total composite ATP output is equal to 8 ATP
Note: Vector hydrogen: NADH produced 3ATP
FADH2 produces 2ATP?
2 - Transition to Berovic acid Acetyl Coenzyme - A

- At the end of the decomposition process Alglykoli In the event the availability of oxygen to enter the acid Berovic Almitokndreon and turns to the group of acetylcholine and produces carbon dioxide.
- Binds acetylcholine with Coenzyme A (CO-A) to form acetyl Coenzyme - a.

Outputs of this stage:
Be 2CO2
Acetyl Coenzyme be - a

3 - Krebs cycle: a - united steel facilities enzyme with a four-carbon compound to form six-carbon compound.
B - oxidation reactions occur and re-arrangement of the atoms of the cycle is repeated again.

Outputs of this stage:
I4 CO2

Note: the hydrogen atoms that are spread in steps during the session reception of two types of vector-chemical one NAD + to NADH and turns and the other FAD and becomes FADH2

4 - electron transport chain: A series of chemical vectors are embedded in the inner membrane of the Metcndria consists of a group of enzymes and proteins known Balsetokromat.
Q: What is the role of the electron transport chain in the transfer of electrons? And how is the production of molecules ATP?
A - moving electrons and ions of the chemical vector NADH and FADH2 and pass through the electron transport chain.
B - during the transition of electrons lose part of their energy is used partly in the transfer of hydrogen ions. And fulfillment through the membrane to the space between the membrane to become highly focused.
C - back to the hydrogen ions travel through the enzyme ATP-building Feinst build ATP molecules by the equation.




























































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