Lucy Gray Summary

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Lucy Gray is the lyrical story of a very lonely girl, a lover of nature and apparently full of kindness and innocence. She lived with her parents in a faraway valley, seemingly in isolation. Very bucolic:

Oft I had heard of Lucy Gray,
And when I cross'd the Wild,
I chanc'd to see at break of day
The solitary Child.

No Mate, no comrade Lucy knew;
She dwelt on a wild Moor,
The sweetest Thing that ever grew
Beside a human door!

The conflict of the poem is that Lucy had to go to town, as a request from her father, go to look for her mother who was there. The problem is that there came a snow storm, and she got lost in the snow.

Nobody could find her, but after looking around the bridge to town, they found her footprints. What is poignant is that her innocence and love for nature supercede the tragic ending, and her being "Lucy Gray" immortalized her, even in this moment. You can find this fact in the end of the poem where it says:

'She is a living child,

and may be seen and heard

She sings a solitary song

that blends with the song of the wind

The symbolism in the story is the return to where we all come from : The onneness of Nature, which awaits those whom loved and respected her through their innocence.


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