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Summary of Merchant of Venice in 150 words.

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Summary of Merchant of Venice in 150 words.

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In Venice, there lived a merchant named Antonio who had a poor friend called Bassanio. Bassanio wanted to marry a lovely, rich girl of Belmont called Poria but he needed money to reach her. Antonio could not give him money as his ships were gone. They went to a Jew money-lender called Shylock and asked him for three thousand ducats.He gave money on this stipulation that if they fail to pay money in three months, he will take pound of flesh from Antonio's body. Bassanio reached Belmont and married Portia. Three months passed and Antonio's shops were lost in storm.Shylock wanted his pound of flesh.Bassanio went to Venice and Portia followed him in disguise of young man Dr. Balthasar. She reached Venice and presented Antonio in front of Duke cleverly. She asked Shylock to take pound of flesh from Antonio's body without spilling blood.So, Antonio was saved.

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