What is the summary of "The False Gems" by Maupassant?In 50 words

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Monsieur Lantin meets a young woman who he falls in love with and marries. She charms him and runs his household so well that they live as if they are "wealthy."  The two things he doesn't like are the fact that she likes the theater, and wears what he believes to be fake jewelry.  When she dies, he grieves and he also can not figure out how she kept them living so well on his salary.  He finds himself destitute and needs money.  He decides to try and sell her "false" jewelry only to find that it is worth a great deal of money.  It is worth so much that he can quit his job and still live well.  He doesn't want to think about where she got the money for the jewelry.  Once he is rich and quits his job he eventually remarries but this woman makes his life miserable.

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In the story, Monsieur Lantin meets a young lady and falls in love with her. The lady was seen as a very virtuous woman but poor. She was beautiful, modest and honest and people agreed that the man who won her love would be the luckiest man. Monsieur Lantin was not a wealthy man and earned a meager salary. In spite of his financial situation he still proposed and was accepted by the lady. His life changed afterwards; he was unable to understand how they managed to live like wealthy people while still on his little pay. His wife was able to manage their home and ensured everything was in order and that they could even afford some luxury. Unfortunately the lady passed on leaving behind some jewelry that he considered fake and which he disliked. After her passing the husband was unable to manage the finances and grew poor, finally deciding to sell the jewelry. While at the jewelers he found out that the pieces were costly and in turn earned him a life changing sum of money. He nevertheless questioned how the wife acquired the pieces of jewelry. He later remarries but this second wife brings much sorrow to his life.


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